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Making your website
shouldn't be hard.
Making your website
shouldn't be hard.
With us, it's not.

With us, it's not.

Trusted by 200+ Montana small businesses.

Websites + Everything Else

To help your business grow.

We make brands grow through digital marketing. We help you attract your perfect audience, engage with them and get results that matter. Based in Lewistown, Montana, we love helping main street small businesses suceed.

A few Things we've made
  • Havre Chamber of Commerce

  • Big Salmon Outfitters

    Web Design & Social Marketing
  • Hi-Line Law, PLLC

    Web Design, Social Marketing
  • Triple Dog Brewing Co.

    Web Design, Logo, Video, Social Marketing
  • McLain's Cabinets

    Web Design
  • Treasure State Title

    Logo Design

    We work with clients who share our vision: brand is king

    Here are some of the rockstars we're fortunate enough to work with.

    What our clients are saying

    Chris Preputin

    Owner, Custom Collision Repair

    I am completely blown away by how effective Metcalfe Media's social media marketing is. I highly recommend this to any business of any size. The amount of revenue his campaigns have generated is amazing! This is the best marketing that we've ever done... Period!

    Paul Tuss

    Executive Director, Bear Paw Development
    I have worked professionally with Tom for years and have never been disappointed. He puts in the long hours, works hard to understand the concept you're trying to convey and delivers a high quality product on time and on budget. I will use him again and you should too!

    Jeff Healy

    Owner, Zoo Health Club
    I was overwhelmed by social media. Sponsoring posts, creating ads, visuals and content. Tom has taken care of it all, and our marketing is at a new level now. It frees me up to focus on our customers. Most importantly, the social ads are working!
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